Music Saves Me Every Day

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Everyone has issues. If you don’t think you have issues, that is an issue! Some of us are in tune with our abnormalities and some are completely unaware or in denial. I have no qualms about sharing my daily struggles in order to give a better understanding of what we (those suffering from emotion sickness) go through. It’s difficult for people to see the world through our eyes but I will do my best to convey the view.

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Every year, since I was a teen, I have experienced uncontrollable cycles of emotion. I suffer with depression and anxiety stemming from my childhood and trials I have been through. Without medication; my depression, moodiness, short temper, and irritability fluctuates – your average bitch. I like to think that my meds keep me at one level; however, it’s no miracle. I still get annoyed by the smallest things but my reaction to them is more tolerable.

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Here are a few of the down sides that I experience with medication: drowsiness, anxiety, strange dreams, changes in appetite and weight, constipation, decreased sex drive, and difficulty having an orgasm. So, if you are in a relationship, you have two choices: 1) take the pill and be a pleasant partner 2) don’t take the pill, have sex, and be a thunder cunt. Awesome, isn’t it? Decisions, decisions…Oh, if you pick option one, you have the added task of convincing your partner that it isn’t them, it’s you when it comes to getting in the buff. Neat.

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The withdrawals when taking some anti-depressants are unbearable if you miss a day or two. I get migraines, hot flashes, the shakes, nausea, night sweats, nightmares, and whatever issues I had before taking the medicine are amplified. Sometimes I want to punch a brick wall and other times I want nothing more than to just sleep the pain away. You need to consult your doctor when weaning. I was ignorant enough once to  think, “I’m happy now, I don’t need it” and went cold turkey. Dumb.

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Anxiety is a struggle for me, although not daily. Stress is the most common factor but sometimes it can come out of nowhere and hit me like a Mike Tyson punch to the face. I get horrible pains in my chest and struggle to breathe normally. My arms feel tingly, achy, and antsy. If I have on any clothing that is mildly snug, I feel suffocated. I don’t want to talk, be touched, or be around anyone for that matter. My relationships suffer a great deal due to my disorders.

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Music calms me when nothing else comes close. It makes sense when nothing else does. Often times, the type of music that I listen to has lyrics that relate to me in so many ways that it helps the loneliness. I can’t express how much music has an impact on my life other than the fact that I can’t imagine life without it. It’s better than any medication that I’ve taken. It’s better than any relationship I’ve been in. Music breathes life into my lungs.  A day without music is a bad day.








Return of the Dreads Tour 2016


So, here’s how it went down.

In March 2016, I purchased V.I.P Meet and Greet Tickets to the Return of the Dreads concert in Dallas, TX on August 4. At the time, I had no idea that my current favorite band will also be in a separate tour later in the year with Breaking Benjamin, which will be in my home state. Honestly, I never thought that my favs would ever be back in Mississippi as they have not been for years. As soon as I was able, I also purchased V.I.P Meet and Greet tickets for the Nocturnal Underground Tour in Southaven, MS. Thank goodness for Sirius XM’s Octane channel or I would not have any vital rock music news! (Mississippi sucks..)

Since the tour was named Return of the Dreads, I decided that I wanted to come to the show in my own set of dreads. My employer won’t allow dreads (I’ve asked) so I looked online for a while for ideas until I found a site that sold a clip in ponytail that looked really cool in the picture displayed. My work ladies (co-workers) bought this for me for my birthday even though they didn’t understand it at all. The ponytail did not arrive for 6 weeks and when it finally came in, it was half what I had in mind. I was back on the hunt again for ideas. I soon learned how to make dreads myself and modified the ponytail into exactly what I wanted. I also made custom single ended dreads to add to my own hair for a full “dreadhawk”. I practiced on it 3 or 4 times until I got it just right.

The morning of the concert, I needed to stop by the pharmacy to pick up anti-inflammatory and pain meds (for my fractured foot) that took a lot longer than the usual pharmacy turn around time. The pharmacy was short staffed and I was in a hurry – story of my life. I’d fractured my Navicular bone about 3 weeks earlier and did not realize it other than the fact that it hurt constantly. The day before the concert, I got an x-ray, a lecture, and a boot. I honestly don’t recall the incident that caused the fracture. Anyway, my partner also picked this morning in particular to complete school registration for his children since he was off work. That took longer that expected as well. Since the kids weren’t officially in school until the following week, we dropped them off at their long winded grandparents’ house. I was literally telling them that we were late and had to go with the window down and the car rolling.

About half way to the concert, which was a 6.5 hour drive, I had my partner start making calls to make sure that we would be there on time for the meet and greet. I was supposed to have gotten an email with instructions about where to go and what time. As you can guess, I didn’t receive it. We’d just gotten our food at Sonic when I got the info that ripped my heart right out. According to GPS and the time that we needed to be in Dallas, we were going to be an hour late. Tears ran down my face for the next 20 or so minutes with complete silence in the car. I didn’t want to eat when beforehand I was starving. My partner had no idea what to say. He knew how hard I worked on my dreads and the custom t-shirt with Brian Head Welch’s silhouette on it, not-to-mention, how bad I wanted to meet the band.

Yeah, yeah. I know what you are thinking. I’m going to meet them in Mississippi in a couple of months. In the moment, this fact didn’t matter. I’d thought about what I would say to the members of KoRn for months. I’d planned out everything meticulously. This was more than just a bummer for me. I felt like such an idiot for planning as long as I had and didn’t check the meet and greet time. It’s really my own fault. I can blame everything that happened that morning on my late arrival, but I should’ve checked the time. I wiped my face and set out on hauling ass in the chance that I could maybe reach the venue before they left the V.I.P area. 1. No stopping at the hotel to check-in. 2. Get dressed in the car.

We arrived at Gexa Energy Pavilion at 5:20 and to no surprise, we were too late. They’d just taken down the tables for V.I.P check-in. I got my event poster and lanyard from the ticket booth and sadly walked in the empty V.I.P area. If I’d gotten a pit pass, the benefit of getting in early would have been great, but I decided on front row seats. Judging from the map, I was to be on Brian’s side of the stage with a great view. Again, I was wrong. There were giant speakers right in front of me and the pit was far larger than expected, so people were standing in front of me. The speakers rattled my brain throughout the first band’s performance. My throat felt buzzy for a while which I didn’t like.

When KoRn took the stage, all of the negativity vanished on how crappy the day had gone. The band was amazing. Some of the guys even brought their kids on stage. Fieldy’s daughter helped him play bass. The stage was set up to where I could see Ray, the drummer, which is a nice change. Most drummers never get seen because they are so far in the back. He was on a cool, lighted platform with double bass drums that had the band’s name on them that seemed to be lighted also. Fieldy and Head took turns climbing on the platform next to Ray and thrashed around. Head’s hair is fabulous and I am jealous! The backdrop was animated and very groovy. The stage lights, also on the platform, moved around and flashed with the music. I also got to see them perform their new single, “Rotting in Vain”. The experience was exhilarating!

A neighbor to us said that Jonathan didn’t make it to the meet and greet because he was on vocal rest. The things these guys go through for us.. why complain? In between songs, he was getting oxygen to help him through the set. Yeah, so I drove 6.5 hours to see them but how many miles have they ridden in a bus with time away from their families? How many months have they stayed on the road? How many hot nights have they sweat and played their hearts out on stage? How many moments have they given to us that we will never forget? I will always respect their sacrifices.

The venue allowed me to bring in my nice camera to take a few shots and I am super happy with the way they turned out! I hung some up on my memorabilia wall. I also got a tour shirt that I am going to frame. The overall experience was well worth the trip and money.

I hope that I will get more items to add to my wall once I get back from the Nocturnal Underground Tour!

Side note: I found out through a girl on Instagram that Brain met with some fans after the show for prayers. She had some cool pictures with him. I can only hope I get as lucky!



Bring Me The Horizon 2016

Friday, May 6 at 6:15 a.m., I got up to start packing for our over night trip to Atlanta with our friend, Wayne. After the kids got off to school, I started my rock make over. I wanted a big faux hawk so I didn’t wash my hair for four days so that it would stand up as high as I wanted. It didn’t work exactly as I envisioned but the hair style was very sturdy. I also did a full rocker make-up look that I took my time on contouring and making perfect before Wayne arrived to pick my boyfriend and I up. Since I had Urban Decay’s All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray, I knew that my look would last the entire day. At 9:30 a.m., we were off!

When I saw on Facebook that Bring Me The Horizon was coming to Atlanta, I immediately shared the link and tagged my buddies. I knew that Wayne loved the band since he is the one that introduced their music to me. We (me, my boyfriend, and Wayne) all requested off work and set up the hotel arrangements as soon as we could. The only down side to this concert in particular was that it was an All Age, General Admission show. None of us had gone to a GA show since we started making enough money to enjoy VIP tickets so the idea of fighting a crowd of kids wasn’t ideal. Who knew when the band would be back in the states? We had to go!


Around 4:30 p.m., Mississippi time, we headed down the street past The Tabernacle and the line was all the way around the block! We’d forgotten that the time changed once we got past Alabama. We hurried over to the hotel to put our stuff away then walked a block to the line of people awaiting to see their favorite band. There were kids everywhere with interesting outfits on, to say the least. I saw quite a few underage girls showing too much flesh for my comfort level. I was truly nervous about what would happen once we got inside. Our plan was to make it to the balcony seating area as soon as we could to grab the first available.

Once inside, we were pleased to see that there were plenty of seats upstairs and some available VIP seat for $75. Not only that, we had a bathroom, bar, and food on our level. I got a giant pretzel with mustard. Yum! We hoped to get a good spot to see the band but never anticipated that we would get so lucky as to get a balcony level, second row seat. We had an awesome view! A man was selling t-shirts in line for $20 that were pretty cool but we wanted to get a legit shirt from inside. The line was super long so I waited until one of the opening bands started before I bought mine. I still had to wait about 20 minutes. It was worth it. I love my tour shirt.

The first band, Silver Snakes, did not get a great crowd reaction. Mostly, everyone kind of just stood around and stared. I was worried that it would be the same way throughout the night since there were so many teens. The second band, 68, was only a two person band but I have to say, they rocked it! I wish I could remember what time Bring Me The Horizon came on, but my mind is so stuck on the memory of the crowd’s reaction of when the lights went down for the band to make their way to the stage.


The first song out of the gate was “Happy Song” and the energy was crazy! It was mind numbingly loud in The Tabernacle from the screams of the crowd but worth every second. Wayne, Adam, and I shook each other while jumping up and down like little school girls, screaming and smiling. We had no idea that our night would turn out so well. I screamed so long and sang my heart out so hard that I started coughing and losing my voice. People were moshing down stairs and going insane. We saw our first live “wall of death” as we stood with our mouths wide open from shock. It looked painful but they all seemed to love it!




Wayne yelled out at one point, “They sound just like the CD”! I thought so too! The pyrotechnics and electronic display board in background were awesome. If I had to make a playlist of all of the songs I wanted to hear, they must have known what I was going to pick because I heard all of my favorites; new and old. They ended the show with two encore songs and an explosion of confetti. I can honestly say that this concert was easily on my top 5 list of rock shows ever seen. These guys know how to rock your face off and show you a good time! We will definitely keep our eyes and ears out for their next near by show in the US!

set list.png

After the show, we all went on the SkyView Ferris wheel right next to the Tabernacle. The line was kind of long but it was a cool experience to see all of Atlanta inside an air conditioned ride. We got a neat picture out of it as well. Too bad my boyfriend didn’t pee before we got on the ride because he fussed about that almost the entire time, so much that he was missing the experience! After a few loops, we headed off the Waffle House to close out the night with some yummy food. We got back to the hotel, showered, and were in bed all before 11:00 p.m. I guess All Age shows close out early. What a great day!!




A “Groupie” Story

So, there we were, dressed in our best dresses while sporting fake tan, lashes, and hair extensions when….

…The man was obviously older than us and not from Jackson, Mississippi. He was wearing a leather vest with patches on it (without an undershit) and a rhinestone taxi driver type hat. My friend and I kind of giggled at his outfit before he even made his way to our table. His arrogance was even funnier but we hid our snickering nicely. He offered to buy us a couple of shots which we accepted. After taking the shots, the man slid us a couple of VIP passes and invited us to come and hang out on a tour bus after the show.

Let me give you a little back history on us first. My friend and I were very flashy with our attire but not serious partiers. We always sat at a table at the back of the bar, when we could find one, and would sip on a beer or two before calling it a night around 12:00 a.m. It was very rare for us to ever make it past that time or to even get drunk. We often called each other “mawmaw” and would laugh when the yawning began usually at 9:00. It wasn’t that we weren’t having fun, we just required a lot of sleep!

My friend dated the lead singer of the band Papercut Massacre and they were even engaged for a while – how they met,  I’m not sure. She and I met actually at one of Papercut Massacre’s opening shows for the band Cold. When her relationship ended, she and I took on the rock scene and were inseparable. We loved going to see any rock band, within a reasonable distance of our warm beds, of course. The farthest we traveled together was to New Orleans once with a couple of buds we’d met while out and about at a 12 Stones rock show.

Three friends and I took a 3 hour drive to the Big Easy to see Tool. After the show, she and I planned to change really quickly into our pajamas, get in bed, and pretend that we were asleep so that the guys would go out partying without us. Well, our plan to play hookie didn’t work. Instead, were drug out of the beds by our buds and convinced to “have just one drink” on Bourbon Street. As for what time we got back, I couldn’t tell you. We all had a blast running through the halls of this supposedly haunted hotel at the end night. I wish that I could disclose the shenanigans that went on that night, but I will keep that memory locked deep down. It’s more funny than anything racy that you would be thinking of. Good times and memories.

Anyway, she and I weren’t the type to wait around until the bands were done playing in order to go hang out on any buses. I honestly only remember hanging out on 2 buses at all and both times were before shows even started. One band, Absence of Concern, I knew very well and was roommates with the lead singer and his girlfriend. They were more like my buds than “rock stars” to me. The other band was Pop Evil. I went on their bus to hang out with a friend that was seeing a guitar player in the band. I watched as she put on his eyeliner and situated his silky locks. As for the rest of the guys, I just wasn’t that into them or the vibe they were throwing out. Her guy was by far the nicest, coolest, and laid back guy so, I didn’t mind hanging with them.

While looking down at our passes we noticed that the band name Saliva was printed on them. We weren’t sure if the man who gave us the passes was in the band or maybe just a roadie until Saliva took the stage. The man looked towards our table, held up a bottle of Jäger, and pointed at us as he took a swig. I saw a few faces turn towards us and we gave a small, nervous wave. If there were any chicks in the room looking at us jealously, they clearly had no idea of our real intentions which were to enjoy music and music only. Music has always been a huge part of my life and I thoroughly enjoy rock shows…their band members on any other level than a fan, not so much.

As our bodies started to shut down around 11:30, we decided to head on home. What were we to do with the passes? Like I said, we weren’t partiers. We looked around for a couple of minutes for just the right two girls to hand the passes to. They needed to have “that look” as we knew exactly what the guys were wanting. When the girls hit our radar, we handed the passes over and saw a glow come over their faces. To think, some girls would’ve given anything to have the passes that we were given specifically and couldn’t have cared less about. We were sure that we made their night and that felt good. Let’s be honest, the guys didn’t want to hang out and play Uno and we just weren’t into that kind of thing.

Looking back on it, I wish that we would’ve traveled further to see more bands. We were in our prime – thin, tan, and single. Age is a bitch that will punch you in the face with a slab of fat that sticks like gorilla glue before you have a chance to know what happened. I wish I would’ve gotten to meet some bands, when I looked like that, that I was more into. Not that I ever intended on trying to date any of them or start anything; I still should’ve taken advantage of certain opportunities from that time instead of wasting it away by sleeping. Today, I think I am more of a hard-core rock fan than ever and have to pay top dollar for VIP passes that I used to get for free. 🙂


Korn’s 20th Anniversary Tour 2015

The V.I.P (Gold) passes included a pre-show, stripped down, acoustic song performance.

20151019_090821  20151019_090802  20151018_174616

Sunday, October 18 was going to be the night that I would get to see a band I have been listening to since high school. Senior year, I remember sitting in the back of a friend’s car, cruising and listening to “Falling Away From Me”. I knew every word and would sing along even when the lyrics became indecipherable and faded off into monkey-like sounds (I can’t think of any other way to describe it). Though some of my friends did not understand why I would ever like such a band, I don’t remember giving a damn. I loved their unique sound and could easily identify them within a couple of seconds into a song – still can.  To this day, Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu’s bass thumps are like no other I have ever heard. In the world of rock, I have found that a lot of bands start to sound the same. It’s always, “Well, if _(band)__ and __(band)__ had a baby, this is what it would sound like”. With Korn, this has never been an issue.

The day had finally come and we set out on our journey to New Orleans. At 5:15 p.m., my partner and I changed into some comfy shoes  and set out on the short walk to the venue. I noticed a couple of guys ahead of us. A regular concert goer knows a fellow fan when she sees one so I decided to follow them since we weren’t exactly sure where to go. The men led us straight to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome where we would soon be watching Korn perform at Champion’s Square. We got in line to pick up our V.I.P. passes and then migrated into another line that was to let us in 30 minutes before the rest of the General Admission ticket buyers. At 6:30 p.m., security opened the gates for us. I made a B-line straight to the front and center of the stage because I wanted to get the best view of Jonathan possible. Behind us, the Superdome lit up light a giant space craft with color changing lights circling the structure. The weather was absolutely perfect. The breeze was blowing in my hair and the people around me weren’t blowing smoke in my face. Instead, I smelled grape scented vape. 20151018_181218 20151018_181230 20151018_183537Before we knew what hit us, James “Munky” Shaffer came out on stage. I looked at my partner, wide-eyed and thought, “Holy shit. This is really about to happen.” Next to the stage was Jonathan fucking Davis. I watched him for a few moments while he walked around stage talking to crew members. The rest of the band walked out and sat in a row of chairs with their instruments. They then began to play the first few notes of “Alone I Break”.  I think I may have been in shock or disbelief – who knows. I stood there listening while holding up my phone to record the moment. I knew there was no way that I was going to able to believe it was real until I played back the video later. Jonathan sounded exactly as I imagined and just as good as he does in studio. He was dressed in a comfy sweater and the setting felt intimate. After the song was done, he gave a small smile, waved, then went back stage. He looked tired or maybe he was cold. I’m not sure, but he sounded fantastic none the less. 20151018_181653 At 7:00, the opening band, Islander, took the stage. I’d heard their music on Sirius XM’s Octane. “New Wave” was my favorite song of the ones that I’d heard. The band had great energy and if I wasn’t mistaken, the lead singer Mikey Carvajal and I made eye contact quite a few times. I could be fooling myself – who’s ta know? He soon began to come closer to me then climbed up on the barricade. He was standing right over me and singing downward. At me? I am not sure, but it felt good! He stepped over me, crotch in my face, and headed behind me to finish his song with the crowd holding his feet. I enjoyed the hell out of it. 20151018_190326 20151018_190032Next up was the band Suicidal Silence. I can’t lie…. I didn’t enjoy them. The lyrics were indecipherable and unpleasant. I like heavy metal to an extent but, this band was just too much, even for me. I will say that one of the guitarists had fantastic hair. It was blonde, straight, and looked like silk in the night breeze. If I had to guess, I’d say that his hair probably touches his rear end. He had a pretty impressive beard as well. The lights that flickered during the show were a little much. They eventually caused the two people in front of me leaning on the gate to put their heads down. I really can’t think of anything else to say about them…. 20151018_191927 The crowd parted at some point to, I assume, start a mosh pit. Down the middle came a grey haired man and his small son. The little boy had a mohawk that was colored blue on one side and red on the other. He got all of the good rock shwag! He got drum sticks, water bottles, guitar picks, a high-five, and a set list. I have to admit, I was a bit jealous. He was dressed in a vest with a ton of tiny buttons that I couldn’t read. I assume he collects them. Throughout the show, he was wide-eyed and looked a bit in shock over the band members paying so much attention to him. Suicidal Silence seemed to be on stage for an eternity. When each new song began to play, I wished that it was the last.

After they were finally finished, we watched as stage crew put together Korn’s props. There were flameless candles everywhere and a huge banner was lowered that displayed the swing set from Korn’s first album. I was a bit confused when the crew displayed a seemingly plain mic stand in front of me. I knew Jonathan’s mic, “The Bitch” designed by HR Giger well, and this was not it. The stand is a fine art piece that I would hate to be responsible for if broken. I’m sure Jonathan would break someone’s face for damaging it.

At 9:00 p.m., Korn hit the stage. Ray Luzier, the drummer, began tapping his cymbal. Next, a guitar off stage began it’s staccato like riff. Fieldy walked out and stood before us with his bass, ready to deliver. He stood for a moment…then he played the familiar bass line to “Blind” and the crowd began to cheer. Seconds before it was Jonathan’s time to sing, he appeared on stage with Munky and Brian “Head” Welch. He belted out, “Arrreeee you readyy?!?!?”. The crowd, including myself, went crazy. The band members’ hair thrashed around as they banged their heads to their music. It was surreal. I could not believe that I was actually standing in front of them. Nothing but smiles and head banging surrounded me.

Korn played their entire self titled album released 20 years ago for about an hour. This was their anniversary show and damn, was I proud to be a part of it. Jonathan took breaks in between each song to huff an oxygen line. After singing my heart out, I too was out of breath. Once we’d heard all of the songs from the album, the lights dimmed. The crew members removed the plain mic stand and replaced it with “The Bitch”!! We knew that something great was about to happen . We all cheered and screamed out throats out. 20151018_220626“Falling Away From Me” began to play.  The crowd was pumped! We all sang, raised our horns, and banged our heads for another 30 minutes. Every song put us into a trance. I’d needed this happy moment so bad.

When the show was over, Jonathan gave us a big smile and waved his hands. Munky and Head threw out candy (I think it was), guitar picks, drum sticks, etc. for the crowd to enjoy. I caught a pick from Munky for my collection. Even though he threw it, it has Head’s signature on the back. I don’t mind. As long as I get something that Munky touched, that is enough for me. He is one good looking man. I didn’t get trampled, pushed, shoved, or breathed on by hot alcohol breath the entire show. The fear of the crowd being too crazy almost kept me from buying tickets….almost.

Everything about the night went perfectly with a light, cool breeze to boot. I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better…well, maybe if I’d gotten the Meet and Greet V.I.P. passes. 😉 This trip and this show go into my folder of great experiences. Korn is now on the list of top 10 rock shows that I have ever seen.  A small, blue, super mario notepad has a record of the approximately 200 concerts I’ve been to. I listened to a Korn playlist all day today and have a better appreciation for the band. Much love goes out to the guys that put a big, shit eating grin on this face.

20151018_211112 20151018_211115 20151018_211125 20151018_211135 20151018_211155 20151018_220550 20151018_220645

Deftones in Memphis 2011


Some friends and I went to see Deftones in Memphis on the 29th, 2011… It was by far one of the most amazing nights of my life. I was the only one in my group of 4 that had a Diamond VIP ticket so I got to meet them, take a professional picture with them, and get a signed tour poster. My friends had the Black VIP pass that included an early entry sound check set inside Minglewood Hall that all of us went to see together at 4:30 p.m.

The moment was surreal… We were 10 ft away from our favorite band watching a private show, just for us. I honestly could not believe that I was actually standing there and the experience felt like a dream.  I could not keep my eyes off Chino as he sang like a majestic rock creature from the plant Awesome. Everything sounded amazing and better than I thought it would.

After sound check was over, all of the diamond v.i.p members were directed to a small room where the photographer was set up. The band was taking a little longer than expected so the staff let us get dibs on merchandise. I was $5 short of getting a tour shirt so I had to run outside and borrow it from my buddy, Wayne. That made me a little late getting back but just as I came back into the waiting room, the VIP coordinator told us all to line up to take a picture. Since I was already walking in, I was first to make the line. I thought this was a great idea until reality hit me.

There I stood in line of pictures, shivering while my friends stood outside in the lounge. All I had were strangers around me. About 10 minutes of panic went through me before the band walked in. The lead guitarist, Stephen, carried a small radio blaring a metal song I didn’t recognize. The band stood in position and the coordinator motions for me. Nobody went before me to give me an idea of what I was supposed to be doing so, I went down the line of members shaking each of their hands.

I was obviously terrified when Chino smiled and said, “its ok, don’t be nervous“. Just the fact that he spoke to me almost made me faint. The man was stunningly hansom. I flinched when he grazed my back with the palm of his hand in a comforting manner. As soon as the photographer took the picture, I said my thanks and scurried out of the room while grabbing my complimentary autographed poster. Why couldn’t I think of anything to say?!?

About an hour and a half passed before my buddies and I got to go back inside for the big show. Since we were VIP, we got to go ahead of everyone else into the hall. Someone called out for the VIP pass group and I grabbed my friend’s hand making a quick b-line for the stage. Front and center was where we stood. We watched this really strange band called Le Butcherettes. The lead singer was female and wore a “blood stained” apron. I didn’t care for their music all that much but they were had an interesting performance.

The next band up was Dillinger Escape Plan. I am not certain if it was in the crowd or on stage but there was a pungent odor of arm pit circulating in front of us the entire time they played. I could hardly see most of it because their strobe lights were so bright. The bassist looked like the angriest man on planet earth with his face scrunched up as he banged his head. He actually spit into the crowd at one point and it got on me. Gross. Although they put on a good show, they were not a band that I would ever download music from in my iPod.

At 10:00 p.m., Deftones takes the stage. Mind you, we checked in VIP at 4:15 p.m. By the time they took stage I was tired, sweating profusely, moody, and was getting pushed by people behind me into the stage gate. As soon as the lights came up, Chino came out in a black Mickey Mouse t-shirt and began to scream the lyrics of “Diamond Eyes”. I was instantly intoxicated and regenerated. This was really happening!!

The day finally came.. I’d waited for this moment for since I was a teen but never thought it could actually go down.. Each and every song rocked my soul. Chino came to the edge of the stage many times and stood on a speaker that was directly in front of me. I felt his sweat drip on me and could have taken a shower in it without a care in the world. The crowd was so jam-packed and hot that the security guards threw water bottles into the crowd to keep people from passing out. Those of us on the front row got water poured in our mouths and down our shirts.

The intensity of the pushing was overwhelming. My friend braced himself on the gate with his arms on either side of me to keep me from getting smashed. A couple of girls got into a fight over pushing and biting during a song. Chino stopped the show to see what was happening and made jokes about them being ridiculous. He was a very funny guy and had us all laughing in no time to keep our minds off what was going on.

Closer to the end of the show, a band member from the opening band, Dillinger Escape Plan, came out to help Chino sing “Passenger”. He was no Maynard but he gave it his best shot. When the band was done, there was an encore, of course. Not one shred of disappointment was felt in my opinion of the performance. I left with a Deftones drumstick in hand and a used guitar pick from the opening band that a security guard gave me while standing by the stage gate. My buddy, Wayne, couldn’t have said it better when he said “that was the greatest night of my life”.  We will never forget it.

Sound Check

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TODAY’S JAM: “Cherry Waves” – Deftones