American Nightmare Tour

The American Nightmare Tour was at the Tabernacle in Atlanta Georgia – the same venue I saw Bring Me the Horizon for the first time last year. The place is spectacular for concerts. I prefer the balcony seating, which is “first come, first serve” unless it’s in the V.I.P section. Included in balcony seating are convenient bars, snacks, and bathrooms not to mention an awesome view. The sound quality is also fantastic in the beautifully painted former Baptist church over a century old.

Image result for the tabernacle atlanta

My friend and I planned to make it to Atlanta early this time in order to get a good standing spot. Of course, nothing went as planned. Tip: google walking maps suck! Parking in Atlanta also sucks! We were lost for 30 minutes trying to find The William Oliver building where we checked in to our second ever AirBnB room around 4 p.m. This AirBnB was a lot better than our first experience with the site. The room was in an apartment in a beautiful building not too far from the Tabernacle. We had no time to chat with the host so we dropped our bags in the room, got our key, then headed towards the venue.

If I’m not mistaken, we arrived at the venue around the same time last year and the line was already quite long – yet again. As we patiently waited, we listened to the fans surrounding us. It seemed as though we were a couple of the “older” fans in line. A few people passing the venue asked what was going on as the crowd of fans grew larger and larger. When the doors opened, we decided that a standing spot on the ground level wasn’t going to be ideal. Instead, we bolted upstairs for another balcony seat. Wouldn’t you know that we got the same seats as last year!

The first two bands up were Beartooth and Underoath. I must admit that I hadn’t heard much of either band but was pleasantly surprised at how good they were. These two bands made a lot more sense in the line up than the bands that played with Bring Me the Horizon last year. Both bands were quite good! Of course, I was only there for one band only!

When Bring Me the Horizon took the stage, the crowd went crazy. The screens on stage flashed small glimpses of each band member as they made their way to their spot. When Oli Sykes stepped on stage, the crowd screams were deafening. I too blew out my voice screaming like a maniac. The band has a wonderful stage presence and set. Confetti popped through the air as the smoke pyrotechnics blew. It was one hell of a site to see.

My friend and I were having a blast but could tell that Oli was struggling vocally. The crowd sang a lot of his lyrics as he took small breathing breaks. He must have been exhausted. We’d seen that he had another show the next night scheduled and worried about him. Last year, he was a lot more energetic and sang his heart out. Make no mistake that I had a bad time. They put on one hell of a show and I will most definitely go see them on the next tour! The videos speak for themselves but don’t do the band justice.

After the show, we headed back to the AirBnB room as my phone was dying. Since we rushed getting to the venue, we forgot to ask the host what floor and room number. Previously, he met us in the lobby when checking in. I have a very photographic memory so I knew around what area in the building the room was but not the exact floor. Our host wasn’t answering the phone and I started to panic. We ended up checking 7 floors and 7 doors for the right key and lock match. What a night! What a memory. 🙂



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