Bring Me The Horizon 2016

Friday, May 6 at 6:15 a.m., I got up to start packing for our over night trip to Atlanta with our friend, Wayne. After the kids got off to school, I started my rock make over. I wanted a big faux hawk so I didn’t wash my hair for four days so that it would stand up as high as I wanted. It didn’t work exactly as I envisioned but the hair style was very sturdy. I also did a full rocker make-up look that I took my time on contouring and making perfect before Wayne arrived to pick my boyfriend and I up. Since I had Urban Decay’s All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray, I knew that my look would last the entire day. At 9:30 a.m., we were off!

When I saw on Facebook that Bring Me The Horizon was coming to Atlanta, I immediately shared the link and tagged my buddies. I knew that Wayne loved the band since he is the one that introduced their music to me. We (me, my boyfriend, and Wayne) all requested off work and set up the hotel arrangements as soon as we could. The only down side to this concert in particular was that it was an All Age, General Admission show. None of us had gone to a GA show since we started making enough money to enjoy VIP tickets so the idea of fighting a crowd of kids wasn’t ideal. Who knew when the band would be back in the states? We had to go!


Around 4:30 p.m., Mississippi time, we headed down the street past The Tabernacle and the line was all the way around the block! We’d forgotten that the time changed once we got past Alabama. We hurried over to the hotel to put our stuff away then walked a block to the line of people awaiting to see their favorite band. There were kids everywhere with interesting outfits on, to say the least. I saw quite a few underage girls showing too much flesh for my comfort level. I was truly nervous about what would happen once we got inside. Our plan was to make it to the balcony seating area as soon as we could to grab the first available.

Once inside, we were pleased to see that there were plenty of seats upstairs and some available VIP seat for $75. Not only that, we had a bathroom, bar, and food on our level. I got a giant pretzel with mustard. Yum! We hoped to get a good spot to see the band but never anticipated that we would get so lucky as to get a balcony level, second row seat. We had an awesome view! A man was selling t-shirts in line for $20 that were pretty cool but we wanted to get a legit shirt from inside. The line was super long so I waited until one of the opening bands started before I bought mine. I still had to wait about 20 minutes. It was worth it. I love my tour shirt.

The first band, Silver Snakes, did not get a great crowd reaction. Mostly, everyone kind of just stood around and stared. I was worried that it would be the same way throughout the night since there were so many teens. The second band, 68, was only a two person band but I have to say, they rocked it! I wish I could remember what time Bring Me The Horizon came on, but my mind is so stuck on the memory of the crowd’s reaction of when the lights went down for the band to make their way to the stage.


The first song out of the gate was “Happy Song” and the energy was crazy! It was mind numbingly loud in The Tabernacle from the screams of the crowd but worth every second. Wayne, Adam, and I shook each other while jumping up and down like little school girls, screaming and smiling. We had no idea that our night would turn out so well. I screamed so long and sang my heart out so hard that I started coughing and losing my voice. People were moshing down stairs and going insane. We saw our first live “wall of death” as we stood with our mouths wide open from shock. It looked painful but they all seemed to love it!




Wayne yelled out at one point, “They sound just like the CD”! I thought so too! The pyrotechnics and electronic display board in background were awesome. If I had to make a playlist of all of the songs I wanted to hear, they must have known what I was going to pick because I heard all of my favorites; new and old. They ended the show with two encore songs and an explosion of confetti. I can honestly say that this concert was easily on my top 5 list of rock shows ever seen. These guys know how to rock your face off and show you a good time! We will definitely keep our eyes and ears out for their next near by show in the US!

set list.png

After the show, we all went on the SkyView Ferris wheel right next to the Tabernacle. The line was kind of long but it was a cool experience to see all of Atlanta inside an air conditioned ride. We got a neat picture out of it as well. Too bad my boyfriend didn’t pee before we got on the ride because he fussed about that almost the entire time, so much that he was missing the experience! After a few loops, we headed off the Waffle House to close out the night with some yummy food. We got back to the hotel, showered, and were in bed all before 11:00 p.m. I guess All Age shows close out early. What a great day!!





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