A “Groupie” Story

So, there we were, dressed in our best dresses while sporting fake tan, lashes, and hair extensions when….

…The man was obviously older than us and not from Jackson, Mississippi. He was wearing a leather vest with patches on it (without an undershit) and a rhinestone taxi driver type hat. My friend and I kind of giggled at his outfit before he even made his way to our table. His arrogance was even funnier but we hid our snickering nicely. He offered to buy us a couple of shots which we accepted. After taking the shots, the man slid us a couple of VIP passes and invited us to come and hang out on a tour bus after the show.

Let me give you a little back history on us first. My friend and I were very flashy with our attire but not serious partiers. We always sat at a table at the back of the bar, when we could find one, and would sip on a beer or two before calling it a night around 12:00 a.m. It was very rare for us to ever make it past that time or to even get drunk. We often called each other “mawmaw” and would laugh when the yawning began usually at 9:00. It wasn’t that we weren’t having fun, we just required a lot of sleep!

My friend dated the lead singer of the band Papercut Massacre and they were even engaged for a while – how they met,  I’m not sure. She and I met actually at one of Papercut Massacre’s opening shows for the band Cold. When her relationship ended, she and I took on the rock scene and were inseparable. We loved going to see any rock band, within a reasonable distance of our warm beds, of course. The farthest we traveled together was to New Orleans once with a couple of buds we’d met while out and about at a 12 Stones rock show.

Three friends and I took a 3 hour drive to the Big Easy to see Tool. After the show, she and I planned to change really quickly into our pajamas, get in bed, and pretend that we were asleep so that the guys would go out partying without us. Well, our plan to play hookie didn’t work. Instead, were drug out of the beds by our buds and convinced to “have just one drink” on Bourbon Street. As for what time we got back, I couldn’t tell you. We all had a blast running through the halls of this supposedly haunted hotel at the end night. I wish that I could disclose the shenanigans that went on that night, but I will keep that memory locked deep down. It’s more funny than anything racy that you would be thinking of. Good times and memories.

Anyway, she and I weren’t the type to wait around until the bands were done playing in order to go hang out on any buses. I honestly only remember hanging out on 2 buses at all and both times were before shows even started. One band, Absence of Concern, I knew very well and was roommates with the lead singer and his girlfriend. They were more like my buds than “rock stars” to me. The other band was Pop Evil. I went on their bus to hang out with a friend that was seeing a guitar player in the band. I watched as she put on his eyeliner and situated his silky locks. As for the rest of the guys, I just wasn’t that into them or the vibe they were throwing out. Her guy was by far the nicest, coolest, and laid back guy so, I didn’t mind hanging with them.

While looking down at our passes we noticed that the band name Saliva was printed on them. We weren’t sure if the man who gave us the passes was in the band or maybe just a roadie until Saliva took the stage. The man looked towards our table, held up a bottle of Jäger, and pointed at us as he took a swig. I saw a few faces turn towards us and we gave a small, nervous wave. If there were any chicks in the room looking at us jealously, they clearly had no idea of our real intentions which were to enjoy music and music only. Music has always been a huge part of my life and I thoroughly enjoy rock shows…their band members on any other level than a fan, not so much.

As our bodies started to shut down around 11:30, we decided to head on home. What were we to do with the passes? Like I said, we weren’t partiers. We looked around for a couple of minutes for just the right two girls to hand the passes to. They needed to have “that look” as we knew exactly what the guys were wanting. When the girls hit our radar, we handed the passes over and saw a glow come over their faces. To think, some girls would’ve given anything to have the passes that we were given specifically and couldn’t have cared less about. We were sure that we made their night and that felt good. Let’s be honest, the guys didn’t want to hang out and play Uno and we just weren’t into that kind of thing.

Looking back on it, I wish that we would’ve traveled further to see more bands. We were in our prime – thin, tan, and single. Age is a bitch that will punch you in the face with a slab of fat that sticks like gorilla glue before you have a chance to know what happened. I wish I would’ve gotten to meet some bands, when I looked like that, that I was more into. Not that I ever intended on trying to date any of them or start anything; I still should’ve taken advantage of certain opportunities from that time instead of wasting it away by sleeping. Today, I think I am more of a hard-core rock fan than ever and have to pay top dollar for VIP passes that I used to get for free. 🙂



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